Our company is concerned with providing clients with the best products, guaranteeing food safety.

Human Rights

The company respects all people equally. In the name of equality, DISPAN tries to avoid practices that could interfere in employees’ personal and family life, allowing adjustments to be made to work timetables.

Work Practices

Dispan assesses and distinguishes its employees with productivity prizes and recognition, in accordance with the annual objectives established.


Dispan’s concern with the environment means it separates its waste and minimises its use of natural resources.

Operational Practices

Need to understand relationships between suppliers and consumers.


The company attempts to keep up a close partnership with its suppliers, absorbing and learning what they have to offer and teach. This is why employees regularly attend training sessions organised for clients. This way, Dispan is always alert to new information on the market, with the aim of providing the best service to its clients.


The company seeks to exceed its clients’ expectations, providing solutions for the most innovative, varied challenges, supported by certification of its Food Safety and Quality Management Systems. Complaints and customer satisfaction surveys are a priority for our company.

Involvement in the Community/Local Development

Involvement in the local community/development is promoted in several ways, and we contribute each year to the events organised by the local community surrounding our headquarters.

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